Thursday, October 4, 2007

reaction on our magazine

Our Time. Our Generation.

I am very proud of the over-all output of the class. Who would’ve that for just a short period of time we were able to come up with something that like U.S.Time? Even though I can say that the turnout of this project is good, there are still some sad things about it. It’s poignant because not all students of our class were able to contribute something for this project. And one of those students is me. I know honestly that I have not done such a big part for the welfare of our class. I am fully aware that I am one of those who did not help much when the heads are having trouble regarding some issues on our magazine. It’s not that I am being defensive or anything but I just want to say how I fell about this.

For me, one problem that we have encountered is the lack of the dissemination of information regarding meetings about the magazine. Most of the time, it’s just the department heads and their close friends who are meeting up when they’re cooking something up. Those who want to help would learn about that meeting only after the meeting has taken place. When we ask questions, there is no definite answer that we get. An example for this is when they had the photo shoot. There are a lot of people who would want to help for that but there is only a number of people who received a text message regarding the information for the said shoot. Another thing is that we would really want to help for the solicitation of sponsors. The problem is that they assume that we do not want to solicit at all. The truth is, we really cannot find sponsors for our magazine.

If there is a negative side, of course there is a positive side. Although we encountered a lot of problems, we were still able to produce a magazine. I can see that when it comes to selling the magazine, my block mates really did their part to be able to vend our project. I am proud to see each and everyone doing their best to sell it to anyone we can see. It’s funny but we give out everything just to be able to sell even just one cop of it. I will not forget our experience selling it because we really advertise the mag and we persuade fellow Thomasians to buy it. I do not feel embarrassed for what I am doing since it is for the welfare of my class. This is only the start yet we already learned a lot. Although we cannot escape arguments and hard feelings, I know that at the end of the day, all of us have learned something and will surely apply that on our other upcoming class projects.


Music Defines

At our present time today, who wouldn’t listen to music? Who wouldn’t enjoy listening to their mp3 players when they’ve got nothing to do or when they’re simply walking or riding on the LRT? To tell it simply, music has become a part of our everyday lives. It has been a part of our daily routine just like eating or going to school. If it doesn’t control who we are, it defines who we are. The type of music we listen to can reflect our personality. Listening to a certain genre can possibly reflect an individual’s character. It can also be an expression of something that you feel or something you want to tell.

Music has turned into new waves. Before, music was probably made just for the sake of it. But now, it serves a different purpose depending on what you need. For some, it may be a form of relaxation. For others, it may serve as a way for them to let go of their emotions. It may even be a source of income for those who need money. We cannot deny the fact that music gives us satisfaction and pleasure.

We can all say that it has greatly affected us in almost every aspect of our way of living. Even technology plays a big part when we talk about music. Through technology, we can now have an easier access to what we need. But what’s sad is that the advancement of technology is abused because it is an instrument for doing unlawful acts. An example of what I’m talking about is music piracy. It’s sad that this issue seems like a normal thing now. A lot of people now engage in this bustle. This is a negative effect of the progression if technology. The partakers of this act download music from the internet like Limewire and then they sell it. But it doesn’t mean that when we download music, we are already involving ourselves in piracy. When used personally, this is not considered as illegal.

It’s really sad because now that our music industry is thriving, it’s being messed up by piracy. Our own artists and their music are flourishing but because of piracy, there is a hindrance in their development. I believe that we should support our own artists and not employ ourselves with this to help them grow and our industry will continue to prosper.

Saturday, August 11, 2007


still the same problem.
confused and hesitant?!
gusto ko pa ba?
ang labo mo naman kasi.
seryoso ka ba talaga?!grabe.ayoko ng lokohan.
nakakasawa na eh.
wala lang.

Monday, August 6, 2007


<3> want to be toogether, it means they love each other. but when two people want to be "just friends".. it's because they're too much in love with each other that there's no need for a commitment.. <3

Sunday, August 5, 2007

come to think of it..

if sincerity is about trust then why do others cheat? if loyalty is a product of honesty, then why do others lie? if sacrifice leads to suffering, then why do others still do it? if saying i love you is romantic, then why do others silently cry? if kisses can ease the pain, then why do others commit suicide? if smiles are so sweet, then why are bitter tears still falling? if true love can build a relationship, then why can't it answer all whys?



may naputol dun sa latest blog na ginawa ko.


wala lang.




waah. totoo ba un? haha. i'm so confused right now. SUPER. di ko maintindihan kung ano na ba talaga ang nangyayare. gosh. this is crazy. just 2 weeks ago, i felt that i don't want to continue whatever i'm feeling. but all of a sudden, (just this friday) everything has changed. now, i want it again. im just scared kasi baka maulit nanaman ung nangyare before. i don't want to feel that way again. mahirap. magulo. masakit sa ulo. kaya im playing safe muna ngayon. ayoko masyadong magpadala sa emotions. but i can't avoid feeling like im on cloud9!!!! iba eh. the feeling's so different. i mean, i felt this way nanaman dati, nung summer. pero ibang level talaga ngayon! if i could just explain all that happened, ginawa ko na. but i can't. all those things are just stuck on my mind. i can't help thinking about it. gosh, i've been like this for two days already. im happy naman. yet, im still confused. i always have questions on my mind. and the worst part is, i don't have answers. grrh. this sucks. hmm. gusto ko pa ba talaga? or pinipilit ko na lang? huwaaaat. ewan ko na talaga. is this all worth it? will things be okay kapag tinuloy ko to? i don't want my emotions to control my decisions. but all that happened seems so perfect. parang walang mali. like im the only person in this world and all that's happening is according to what i want. walang kumukontra. haha. haii. i can't deny the fact i am soooooooo happy right now. but meron talgang doubt eh. i still can't get it. i don't want to assume kasi baka matulad nanaman sa nangyare before. i definitely do not want that.

grabe. the things on my mind are so jumbled. kalat-kalat ung thoughts ko. sobrang gulo. waah. i'm on cloud9 talaga.

hmm. i feel like a princess. i know my prince is out there but its been a while that he's battling the dragon and the witch. toinks. corny. but true. i don't know what he's waiting for. maybe he needs a potion to wake up his senses. ang tagal niyang matauhan. what more could he ask for? but that's fine with me. im still waiting. and i'll continue to wait until i can. since ang tagal ko nanamang stuck sa tower na hindi niya pa pinupuntahan, i'll continue to stay there and wait until he's ready to rescue me. it doesn't matter how long, as long as i can still hold on, i'll hold on! yeah. that's the spirit! go lang ng go!

haii. ohwell. aun lang naman. i still have a lot of things on my mind. kaloka.

the one he can't walk away from
the one whom he can't fall asleep without my voice being the last one he hears..
the one he wouldn't know what to do without
and simply the girl he has repeatedly said to himself and to other people that..